About us
With Evalore, sustainability becomes a noticeable, measurable, and easily
implementable value in your architectural projects and 
constructed buildings.

We are an award-winning company with 7 years of experience both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge sustainability and circularity strategies into every phase of the real estate asset lifecycle, maximizing value for both our clients and the planet. Through expert guidance, continuous innovation, and close collaboration with investors, developers, and architecture and engineering teams, we strive to build a world where sustainability is the cornerstone of excellence in architecture and real estate development. The result is buildings that are more sustainable for the planet, profitable for their owners, and healthier for their users.

Co-founder and CEO

He has developed the majority of his career in New York and London, where he manages over 50 sustainability and wellness projects in residential, commercial, and educational developments. A collegiate architect with a master's degree in sustainability from the City University of New York, and a certified professional in LEED, Passive House, and Multifamily BPI Building Analysis, Pablo is also an enthusiast of nature, sports, and cultural diversity.

Civil engineer and sustainability consultant

She begins her career in construction, acquiring management and teamwork skills. Later on, she specializes in her true passion: sustainability and energy efficiency. Her expertise allows her to provide a comprehensive vision to projects. Always focused on learning and adding value to every challenge, Camila is also a nature lover and passionate about traveling.


Architect and sustainability consultant

An architect with WELL AP accreditation and a childhood educator, interested in implementing health and wellness measures in architectural spaces.

He develops his career in researching healthy spaces and spaces of well-being that promote the harmonious and full development of human beings. Co-founder of the Tejiendo Visiones Foundation, dedicated to the development and research of pedagogies and educational programs that promote the free and happy development of children.

Passionate, highly prepared and ready to put sustainability at the service of your project, meet the people who make up the Evalore team:

Industrial engineer and sustainability consultant

He develops his professional career in the fields of construction, renewable energies, and sustainability. Passionate about energy efficiency, he specializes in energy modeling, with the aim of optimizing resources to achieve highly efficient buildings and providing solutions for the development of sustainable projects that minimize environmental impact in their surroundings. In his free time, he enjoys nature by practicing various sports as well as reading.

Administration and accounting

With over 20 years of experience in administration, accounting, and finance, Erika is an expert backed by an Advanced Training Course in Accounting from the UOC. Erika is also "the voice" of the team. In her free time, she enjoys theater and singing, a passion that runs in her family.

Architect and sustainability consultant

She develops her professional career in architectural design, participating in residential, office, and tourist projects. She specializes in sustainable buildings, guiding projects towards the design of healthy spaces where true value lies in the comfort and well-being of its inhabitants. Passionate about sustainability, holistic design, and research, Laura also enjoys nature and practicing yoga.

Architect and sustainability consultant

An architect specialized in sustainability, dedicated to guiding projects to meet the most demanding environmental standards. Her focus encompasses ecological design and sustainable strategies, managing national and international certifications and environmental assessments. Committed to a future where sustainability is fundamental in construction. She enjoys sports and exploring the world through travel, which inspires her in her professional work.

Architect and sustainability consultant

Began her professional career in the development of research and participatory urban architectural projects in Venezuela and Brazil. Specialized in energetically sustainable design and oriented to the development of healthy projects with the integration of bioclimatic and technological strategies to mitigate the impact of inhabited spaces on climate change. Passionate about people, diversity of cultures and landscapes, enjoys photography, travel and exploring new places.

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