Stay Ahead and Unlock Funding by Improving Your Company’s/Building Sustainability Performance

ESG Consulting & Decarbonization

A corporate ESG consultancy service evaluates the interaction of the company with the environment, society and governance. It offers comprehensive advice on sustainable building practices, socially responsible labor policies and good corporate governance to improve on those areas and promote transparency and accountability. When applied to a project or to portfolio of projects, it allows to understand current performance and establish an action plan to improve relevant KPIs, ensuring future compliment with regulations and unlocking bank funding.

On the other hand, decarbonization focuses on reducing carbon emissions associated with the construction and operation of buildings. When applied to the built environment, this involves the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient construction techniques and the use of renewable energy sources.

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ESG and decarbonization consulting provides a holistic view of investment and operational risks, minimizing environmental impact in construction and promoting sustainability across buildings' life cycles.

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